Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nov 9. Please stay away from me.

ATTENTION. (Recent Announcement)
Final Examination Result for Semester 1 2012/2013 will be sent through email to all students (applicable for Diploma, Pre Diploma and Matriculation only) on 9th November 2012. The Final Examination Result can also be accessed through Student Portal beginning 9.00 am, 9th November 2012.
Examination result will be sent to your registered email account in Student Portal and ISISWA email account. Hence, do update your latest handphone number and email address before 9th November 2012 through Student Portal. It is advisable not to use Hotmail as your registered email account.

Nov 9, please. please. Don't come so fast. I'm not ready yet to face the results. Dear UiTM, why so early you revealed the result? Me so scared you know. I know, I've done so bad in previous final examination. So, i can't expect what the result is. And whatever it is, I need to be strong to continue the life. Since I get to used with bad results previous semester, so for the third semester, I don't expect too much, aim too much. Afraid that it will effect me later. All I can do is keep praying to Him, hoping for the best. May all my effort be paid off later. InsyaAllah. :)

Terima Kasih Daun Keladi. Kalau Sudi, Singgahlah Lagi.. =)


Cik Jelly Chan (CJC) said...

InsyaAllah...semoga aku hang dapat result gempakk sem nih...jyeah

AlyaaIBH said...

@Cik Jelly Chan (CJC)

insyaAllah. :) doakan semoga kita berjaya sama2.

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