Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Visiting lecturer to Hospital Seberang Jaya

Assalamualaikum ,

Oooh, i'm proud of myself since now I can update my blog even it is working days ! Yeay ! Big clap for me, yeah ! Haha. Well, actually it requires so many forces for me to update this blog since I've no one to express my feeling and my thought to my friends since we are so busy adapting ourselves with work environment.

Hell yeah, i'm telling you the truth ! Work session is so different, many different than the theories one. Sigh. Even staff here said that, even you are good enough in theories, doesn't mean that you are good in practical. That is so true, because some people does not have ethics in their work, hmm. 

Oh, i'm nagging too much now. So, let's proceed to the main point why i'm writing this post today. Actually, every semester, when it comes to the end, our lecturer from Faculty of Pharmacy , either from Bertam campus or Puncak Alam campus will give us a visit to monitor our performance during practical session here. Technically, our session is today, 24th September 2013

Our lecturer informed us a week earlier so that we can book a place for meeting and informed our local preceptor first. As for now, i'm being attached at Outpatient Department, so i'm having a bit difficulties to escape myself from here. Haha. But yeah, who cares ? Miss my lecturer too much and it's important meeting la. Hehe. 

Us, and the lecturers ! :)
Seriously, we're so grateful to have Sir Fauzi and Sir Nadzri to come and visit us. Please guys, be jealous with us. Haha. Sporting as usual, great advices also ! Truthly, most all of us miss our beloved lecturer. Thankyou so much to come and visit us, for you also Sir Kurshid even we didn't know you well. :) Aaaa, i still want to have long chat with you, Sir. Hope we can catch up later ? Hehe.

Oh btw, thankyou girlsss for teasing me in front of sir just now. Blushing day ever for me. Not once, but twice. During lunch , they tease me in front of pharmacy assistant. But yeah, that is 'karma' since i also love to tease them before ! Haha. 

To sir, i'm sorry if i'm being too serious during the meeting. "Amboi, seriousnya" said Sir Fauzi during my explanation about our research. Kahkah. Not that too serious la, Sir. Just my voice is too bad, need to talk quite loud and serious so that you hear it clearly. :)

Last but not least, i'm enjoyinggg my day meeting with all of you, sir ! See youuu lateer :) 

Terima Kasih Daun Keladi. Kalau Sudi, Singgahlah Lagi.. =)


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